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When you are close to Alenkas jewelry something instantly attracts you to her and her jewelry, which is not only that, is much more than a fashion flush that would take you today and you would be tired of next month. It is some form of help, support, a quiet voice that tells you that you are not alone, that someone / something is with you.  You can feel as one with this jewelry, it becomes part of you, it approaches your eye color.  It is about feeling yourself and your surroundings. . The stone you choose tells you what you need, what kind of support. Children can sit in front of her stand for hours.


I have a very nice and positive experience with Alenkas jewelry. It stabilizes and protects. Very powerful jewellry. This jewellry is very beautiful and full of energy.


Alenka’s products emanate the skill of harmonious joining of aesthetics from the outside and invisible but influential vibrations of crystals acting from within. Through its light shades of colors and reflective surfaces of crystals, with her subtle feeling for high frequency vibrations, she forms unique decorative – vibration pendants. Each one is special and unrepeatable, made with the full introduction of a clear awareness of the presence of the energies in which it was made and, consequently also the effect it has on man. When looking at the pendants, it is also evident her dedication to the accuracy of material selection and to the appropriate positioning of the reflective surfaces in order that they reflect as much as possible the energy with which they were made.


Alenka does what she loves and loves what she does – create.

Her Divine Being connects us with the Magical Kingdom of Crystals, ground it and share with us the knowledge and the wisdom of these Magnificent Beings that reside in every crystal -orgonite. You will soon realize that at the end of the selection, you buy the one,  who at a certain point in your life calls your attention first and you receive exactly what you need. The inner memory is triggered, and with the Crystal you are connected again . Thank you, thank you, thank you …


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Energy jewelry

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From always, civilizations have been helping with various tools for transitions and travels