About me

In the search of my truth

my divine being

at depths of stored records

I walk along the path of small and great miracles

I get to know the eternal truths

immortality and divinity of my soul.

Every day is a gift, every step is a step on the way to myself. There are many already walked paths, but the still restless spirit is looking for new experiences, new adventures and new paths.

There were already many adventures, visited places, hugs and experiences.

The path led me to the spiritual centers of Brazil, I visited Fazenda Vida in Bahia. I stayed at the Casa de Dom Inacio de Loyola, where I met the spiritual surgery performed by John of God. … the spiritual center of El Valle del Amanecer whose founder is deceased Chaves Zelaya, named Tia Nevia.

Each of the centers has its own energies, they all share the love for life, compassion for the neighbor and respect for life, as a divine gift. In these places I realized my great love and connection with crystals and their energies. I always brought home some crystals, such and different, and also the crystal bed from Casa de Dom Inacio. For many years, we were inseparable. The crystals of specially brushed Quartz truly magically moved energies.

The route has also led me across Asia, Thailand, the Philippines and Burma, where I was captivated by the memorable Bagan with thousands of temples, unspoiled nature and people with a big smile…

Africa has also left its mark with its culture…

One of the most special experiences was the journey through Peru. I spent two weeks in the jungle with native shamans and their rituals.

And then Machu Picchu with its mysterious energy…

By going through special experiences, I found forgotten pieces of myself in each center, and I wrote a new story of my life. Nothing was no longer the same as before. I returned home with new energy, deeper behavior, the desire to change, and the desire to come even closer to myself.

All the experiences have brushed my inner diamond, so that today I can say with certainty, that the right path is the one that leads you closer to yourself, so that you live yourself and your own truth each and every moment. Sometimes the price is high, but when you cross the problem, you see that every moment, every experience is a part of the greater – whole creation that supports you in the quest and awareness of yourself, the divine being.

So, never give up! You have everything you are, right here and right now.

I put all my awareness of the divine being which is in all uf us, in my creations, in order to awaken the yet asleep beauty in each of you.

Alenka Marvatis