Energy jewelry

I am a very special jewelry, orgonit jewelry, made ​​with a special procedure with a lot of love and for very special people.

My primary function is to transform the dead orgone energy into alive.

In my core I carry a selected and activated crystals for extra strength and purpose.

Each crystal has an impact on a determinate sphere, on the energy center (chakra), it evokes wisdom and records in the depths, and encourage connection to the higher dimensions.

You can choose me by my vibration or for a specific purpose, to protect, to correct a specific problem, to increase intuition, to stabilize energy, for grounding, raising vibration, connection to other dimensions … there can be a lot of purposes.

I am a living being, created to help, I do not need cleaning because I’m doing it myself, but I need your attention and love, so we could work together to exceed the problem or achieve a higher status and vibration.

Before you start to wear me, you have to determine the purpose, where and how can I help you.

About products

In our lives, we are constantly faced with various trials, which we are more or less successfully able to overcome. Many times it happens that from some of the trials, despite the fact that we beat them, we have certain feelings that we were not yet able to confront in a given situation. Unprocessed emotions that remain in the form of “blockages” stored in our subconscious. The greater the blockade is, the greater is the impact on our lives. This can be felt as anxiety or “weird” repetitive situations that we do not have awareness of, but in more severe forms can be expressed as physical illnesses.

We consciously create only a part of our lives, the rest is the creation of our subconscious.
In the subconscious there are also records of our past experiences (lives) and of energy that we can use to change ourselves if we only have access and awareness of them.

Energy jewelry carries the record of the divine multidimensional being, its ability to manage the space and change the reality, and the consciousness of the divine creation, which we are.

The path to awareness is different for each soul, individual, depending on the degree of consciousness and work that the conscious soul has already done on itself.

Energy jewelry will first transform the blockade to allow entry into the personal (source) energy of an individual.
It will establish the status of inner peace, the sense of security, stability and strength, as well as the activation of the energies stored in subconscious that are necessary for making changes.

Energy jewelry serves as a tool for the reception of certain frequencies which for different people are more or less accessible, depending on the sensitivity of the individual, and on difficulties in accepting those frequencies, the awareness and in the feeling of them. Energy jewelry successfully balances the low and high frequencies as a whole, facilitating the holistic perception and operation at all levels and dimensions.
The divine essence, which is an integral part of the Energy jewelry , will be merged with the divine essence of the individual soul and raise it into awareness that is essential for the transformation and creation of one’s own world.

Every soul carries knowledge, awareness and desires … this should be additional personal activation and connection with the energy of jewelry.

Alenka Marvatis