From always, civilizations have been helping with various tools for transitions and travels between different worlds and dimensions and deepening into the unconscious contents of their interior.

Among the very popular are crystals, mandala and energy jewelry.

Crystals carry energy records that have long been forgotten by humanity. On earth, they act as Divine reminders to human

Energy jewelry

ty. They operate with different frequencies, the perception of which is subjective, depending on the person’s basic frequency and also the state in which the person is located.

Different periods and life situations call for different high-frequency products.

Energy jewelry is a combination of special materials to achieve the right frequency for a particular experience, situation, insight, transformation, cleaning, power increase, a greater flow of information.

Energy jewelry is a very powerful tool for transforming blockades. At the personal level, the transition to higher states of consciousness is limited and difficult, mainly because of blockades from the past.

Life is a reflection of everything that lies in the inner world of an individual. So let’s start! … winter time and the movement of planets in the coming months is just right for deep transformations.

Energy jewelry is a wonderful tool to help the transition into a new year in good shape for the benefit of oneself and humanity. Especially the so

uls that have made personal and spiritual growth in this life.

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